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W40k: Space Marines - Scouts (5 figurek)

W40k: Space Marines - Scouts (5 figurek)

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Operating deep within hostile territory, Scout Squads reconnoitre the enemy’s movements, set ambushes, sabotage supply lines and destroy communications centres in daring commando raids. The task of the Scouts is to strike hard and vanish before the enemy has the chance to retaliate.

This 55-piece plastic kit makes 5 Space Marines Scouts including one Sergeant with a choice of weapons and four Scouts each armed with a bolter, bolt pistol and close combat weapon or Astartes shotgun. There is also an option to arm one with a heavy bolter instead. A variety of heads and optional accessories, including grenades and equipment pouches, allow you to personalise the models. It comes supplied with 5x 25mm Citadel round bases and an Ultramarines transfer sheet.

W40k: Space Marines - Scouts (5 figurek)

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